Tons of Content

Over 20,000 words and phrases, all translated, linked and categorized. Includes levels for users, beginner to advanced.

Customized Lessons

Using a unique set of programs, each user can build their own custom audio lessons with a few clicks of the mouse.

Over 600 Exercises

You will never run out of information to study, from conversations to recipes and everyday stories.

Lingo Pics Lingo Pics - Look, Listen, Learn!

  • Perfect for the person that learns by visualizing information. Each item has both native and learning languages presented. A random phrase is also included to help you see the word in a sentence.

  • For example 'the car' might include the phrase 'Where can I rent a car?'. You learn the word and how it works in context.

  • Print the Lingo Pic page with transcript and download an audio lesson for a complete learning experience11.

Learn a foreign language with Lingo Pics.

the machine

Audio Courses Lingotronic Factory
   - you're at the controls.

  • Choose categories such as Numbers, Days of the Week, Conversation, Food, Nouns, Verbs and more.

  • Build a lesson with just words or add in some random phrases.
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the machine

Lingtronic Exercises Learning Exercises - Over 600 to choose from!

  • Study on screen or print transcript and download an audio lesson for a complete study solution.

  • Choose from categories like Conversation, How to - Advice, List of Eights, Recipes, Stories and Practicing with various subjects.

  • Choose Simple, Moderate or Hard difficulty and Short, Medium or Long Exercises ... whatever you happen to be in the mood for.
  • Build a custom audio lesson with your own listening style and pauses where you want them.

Lingo Pics

unit review

Audio Courses Custom Lessons!

  • Study or Print PDF transcript and Play or download audio lesson.

  • Every lesson is built different to keep thing motivating and fun.

  • Study any lesson using the built in Units Reviewer.

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practice flash

Lingotronic Flashcards

  • Customize the practice flashcard to produce just the items you want to study.

  • The photo flashcard is for those who love to learn visually.

  • All flashcards update history for each user and respond to changes in review levels.

photo flashcard


Transcripts to go!

  • All exercises and lessons have transcripts that can be viewed on-screen or downloaded and printed to take and study with, while listening to the audio lesson.

  • The lesson transcript includes a full set of flashcards with photos that can be printed, cut and used everyday. These fit perfectly with the Lingo Pics lessons, giving you a set of printable flashcards for each scene.

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